Autumn Through Winter...
It's That Car-Battery Time of Year

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Rockin’ Romeo’s Battery and Jump Start Service

Only One Path Leads to the Absolute Best -- Unique Convenience and Specialized Expertise That’s a Cut Above the Dealership

You Have Access to the Region's Top Specialist -- Rockin’ Romeo is the DC region’s single most highly-qualified field specialist in automotive batteries, with a level of advanced training in electrical engineering that is unavailable through any dealership or German specialty shop.

Get the Best for Less -- Get the superior skill you want, at a new level of convenience, while avoiding the ransom demanded by dealerships and specialty shops.

Skilled Jump-Start Specialist

First for Best -- Always call Rockin’ Romeo directly, first, for best results.

Faster, better, smoother, easier.

Faster, Easier: Skill Matters --Your skilled Rockin’ Romeo is a world apart from minimally-trained, unskilled “drivers" from any other roadside plan.

Faster, Easier: Connect In Seconds -- Speak live, immediately, with your skilled technician directly on his cell phone. No operators, dispatchers, push-button menus, or long hold times.

Faster: Arrives in Minutes -- Rockin’ Romeo is in Your Neighborhood. Arrival times as quick as ten minutes.

Better, Smoother: Accurate Diagnosis On Site -- Most times, you need only a jump start or a new battery, matched to your vehicle, from our on-board inventory of high-quality batteries. Other times you need accurate diagnosis of larger issue, such as starter, alternator, ignition, or a parasitic current that is draining a good battery.. We eliminate towing and repair vehicles on site.

Faster: Skill On Site Means You Enjoy the Efficiency of a Permanent Repair Right Now -- An accurate diagnosis from a skilled and experienced specialist, can dovetail to additional services, giving you permanent resolution, on site, in record time. This gets you back on the road sooner, saves hours and days, eliminates the hassle of towing, and eliminates having to deal with a bricks-and-mortar shop.

Unique Qualifications Translate into Accurate Diagnosis -- Unique expertise means that only Rockin’ Romeo can offer you maximum accuracy across a comprehensive array of advanced diagnostic information for battery state-of-charge, battery state-of-health, alternator performance, starter performance, and parasitic drain.

Call Direct. It's Covered. -- Your Rockin' Romeo jump-start call is covered at 100% by your existing plan, for all good plans. We handle the paperwork. (USAA, Geico, State Farm, Progressive, ToyotaCare, Honda, GM, Element Fleet, and many others.)

Battery Replacement

Mobile, on-Site Convenience

Quality, Warranty, Top Brands -- The highest quality in both AGM and Conventional Flooded batteries, with the longest replacement-warranty periods available. The full product spectrum of dealership OEM branded, OEM spec, and name-brand batteries are available. Rockin’ Romeo maintains wholesale parts accounts at all area dealerships.

Everybody's Invited -- Qualified for Porsche/Audi/BMW/Mercedes and exotics, yet surprisingly affordable for all, such as Civic and Corolla.

Registration/Programming/Coding Included -- for most for most BMW, Porsche, Audi, etc.